The Ecstasy of Lace

There’s just something about lace.. the sheer sorcery of it, hiding while exposing, teasing and taunting.

When combined with a pair of bold stockings, especially of the fishnet/fence net variety, things get ramped up to a whole other level.

Stockings of every variety are an essential part of our kink wear — hold-ups, tights, printed, sheer, full-body, and of course, who doesn’t love a hand-crafted six-strap garter belt (panties over please, for ease of access 😉).

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As with many kinksters, lace on all it’s forms takes pride of place alongside leather, steel and silk among our favourite textures and materials to play with.

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Submitting this older post for 4 Thoughts or Fiction for Prompt #164, Stockings — click to see what else everyone has posted.

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Kink of the Week for the fortnight of April 16–30 is Lace — click on the lips below to read other blogger’s posts & spread the kinky love!

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