Beyond His Imagination

A short story about possibilities

2 min readOct 10, 2022


She slowly scanned the faces seated at the long, C-shaped bar from her vantage point at one end. Possibly three men that could be interesting.

'Plaid Shirt' looked in his early 40s, maybe a businessman, but was talking too pompously to be saying anything of substance. 'Black Denim' was young, maybe early twenties. He looked shy too. Then there was 'Leather Jacket', and true to stereotype he had 'bad boy' tattooed all over him. He even threw in a wink when their eyes met, and she chuckled.

Perched on her barstool, she was just draining the bottom of her old fashioned when a voice from over her shoulder surprised her.

"So shall we go to your place or mine—the furthest stretch of your imagination or the furthest stretch of mine?"

She leaned back to take a look, and realized it was 'Black Denim' that had finally mustered up the courage to come over. Laughing in response to the pick-up line, she gestured at the empty seat next to her.

"That must’ve taken some courage to come up with! How big are you?"

He was somewhat taken aback at her question and started to sputter as he tried to sit when she added "Why don't we go find out?"

She stood up abruptly and walked towards the restrooms in the back, and meekly he followed as she brazenly entered the men's room. Into an empty stall she went, pulling him in before slamming the door behind her.

Pinned against the wall he had no escape as she kissed him hard, his head thudding against the wooden partition. Her demanding hand dove down and grabbed his hardening crotch, before unzipping his jeans and sliding inside.

"Shhh!" he whispered frantically, as they heard the bathroom door swing open and someone shuffle into the cubicle next to them.

"Aww, a little shy?" she taunted, continuing to stroke his shaft. The delicious naughtiness seemed to spur him, and he groaned as her silky touch sped up imperceptibly. His member throbbed as she ground against him, impatient to plunge into her.

"That's my boyfriend," she announced, cocking her head towards the next stall, "We'd both like to find out if your imagination matches ours, so what shall it be, your place or ours?"




An Englishman in New England, seeking a place to pen his thoughts